Feeling very pleased about a reply from Nintendo as follows:
"Thanks for getting in contact with Nintendo regarding your query, and congratulations on your Gametag concept - we've certainly been following it's success over the past year since it's release" Nintendo Australia October 2011

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Thank you so much. I'm always sharing your great idea and I think I've bought about half a dozen now as gifts. People always comment on the kids ones when we are out. I'll definitely check out your other tips and share the pages too ;) Thanks again :)
via email 16/07/2014

Good morning, Thank you, our game tag arrived safely and is AWESOME! My son loves it and is telling all his friends about it. Via email 16/7/14 Megan

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I got my Gametag today wow this is an incredible invention! It should be shipped with every gaming device. I just misplaced my games and was looking for something that will be safer. And this is an absolute gem! Now hopefully I find my games and I know they will never go missing again. Thank you so much Janene for inventing this. I just wish I found it years ago. Think of the money i could have saved replacing games. P.s I will be ordering more for friends and some more sticking things too.
Shell Lancaster
Via Facebook 15/5/2014

EBay Feedback

It works! WORTH every penny! Will recommend HIGHLY to everyone! Thank you A+++ A BRILLIANT PRODUCT! You won’t be disappointed. Kids love them. So do parents!!! Via Ebay By nufnsushere 14/5/14

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A Necessity for Kiddos
My youngest was constantly losing his games. This was exactly what he needed to eliminate the problem. I only wish it came with more of the stickers.
via Amazon.com 7/03/2014

Hi there, I'm just writing to say that it is great to see this product really getting somewhere. When I was working at EB Games, I received a free sample of your product and thought to put it to the test. So I stuck all of my ds games to it and hooked it through my belt where it would be unprotected and free to have every opportunity to fail or succeed. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it performed, it was catching on doors and cabinets and I probably caught it in my car door a few times. I was even smacking my games into the desk to get customers to buy one. Congratulations on making such a great product and I hope for all the best with your future endeavours
via FaceBook 22/11/2013

I was wondering what that rattle was while I was cruising down the freeway. If anyone has doubts, they stay on in 110km winds while hitting my car.
via FaceBook 19/12/13

Ebay Feedback

Totally amazing ..Postage speed second to none... Great communication 10/10 A++ wendy-bear71 16 Dec 2013

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Thanks , tags have arrived .. ordering some refills now as well
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Thanks for a fantastic product. The kids think they are great.
Via Ebay 20/08/2013

Positive feedback rating Fantastic!!!!
Via Ebay 13/08/2013

Thanks Janene, received the tags on Wednesday - really impressed with how fast it made it from Australia to an overseas country! Thanks for the quick service, it's a great product you have here and you've saved us many hours of searching for lost games.
All the best,
via our website 30/8/2013

Repeat customer still have our original Gametag from 2years ago Excellent gadget
via Ebay 31/07/2013

Second purchase. Excellent seller. Prompt delivery. Excellent product.
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OMG this has to be the best thing ever!!! It really is fantastic. Kids love it!
via Ebay 26/07/2013

Great product!
Lynne R
via our website 21/07/2013

Awesome, Thank you very much. I actually found out about Gametag by accident when I did an eBay search for 3DS accessories and your ad popped up and as soon as I. Saw what it was I thought wow what an awesome idea as I have 5 kids and have washed many games as well as them having lost many, this will stop that
via Ebay 10/07/2013

Really pleased, would recommend to parents of young DS owners!! A+++++++++ Brilliant!! Easily installed - kids love it as games always with the DS!! A++++
via Ebay 10/07/2013

I bought these for my grand-sugars last Christmas. Great product! ;)
Eileen Brown
via facebook 02/07/2013

Best Inventions Ever!!
Selena Rieckmann
via our website 01/04/2013

LOVE MY GAMETAG!!! Bought it off you at the Show on Sat, for my lo with autism, its brilliant!!!
Tammy Thomson
via FaceBook 01/04/2013

Woohoo how lucky was I when I found you yesterday after hearing about gametag over a year ago and you are such a beautiful lady.Good luck, you deserve it all!
Stella Kalogirou
via FaceBook 31/03/2013

Brilliant idea!!
Dora Karagiannis
via FaceBook 30/03/2013

It was lovely to meet you again at the Easter Show & tell you personally how great your product is. I bought a Gametag for my son two years ago & it is fantastic. It has been dragged to everywhere & back & is as good as new. Since we've had it, he has not lost a game,so it has paid for itself over & over again. We bought another online for his mates birthday. If you've got kids with a DS, you REALLY need a Gametag!
Liz Kemmler
via FaceBook 30/03/2013

Had these for over a year now! What a worthwhile investment especially when you have little ones! No more lost games... Do not hesitate buy one today! Thanks guys for sharing such a great idea....
Peita Papp
via FaceBook 23/03/2013

I purchased a game tag today at the Easter show and I have to say "what an amazing idea" I no longer need to to stop the car to worry about changing my sons ds game and I don't have to worry about him losing them. Thank you once again great idea :-)
Kara Prince
via FaceBook 21/03/2013

Hope all goes well and u sell a lot cause we think it's a good thing and the kids r not saying can't find my game.
Cassie Rumming
via Facebook 15/03/13

Smart idea lady good on you keep up the good work.
Josh James Elton
via FaceBook 06/02/2013

Thank you so much for the gametags for my boys. They are brilliant and the boys think it's so cool to have their games attached to their consoles all the time. I love that they will now not lose them all the time! :) Such a great idea!
Lisa King
via FaceBook 05/02/2013

I bought 2 off you for my girls today and have set them up and they love them!! They will get more, "yes you can" answers when it comes to the “can we bring our DS” question as everything is one place. Awesome little invention will definitely spread the word.
Rachael Jones
via FaceBook 30/01/2013

My kids got these for Christmas and we took them away over the Christmas. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Everywhere we went we had 1 thing to worry about not 30 tiny things. If you have kids with games don't even think twice just get the Gametag and stop stressing about the games. Best ever invention!!! and Aussie tooooooooo!
Louise Bennett
via FaceBook 29/01/2013

@GametagAust love your gametag and how it keeps all these together !! pic.twitter.com/7BWgHVeq
Megan M @nagem67
via Twitter 05/01/2013

After spending so much money replacing DS Games due to either loss or damage, it was nice to find this GameTag system. It was simple to install and the TAGS themselves are made of a solid Plastic material with a high quality adhesive glue. Now I am able to relax knowing that my 3 year old will not be running around the house crying that he lost one of his DS games, so good by zip-lock bag and hello to Gametag !!! Would highly recommend this item to any frustrated parents who are at their wit ends over losing DS games. Any serious Gamer or parent of one needs to buy Gametag and relax knowing that your DS Games are safe and secure.
Charlie I
Roseville, California – USA 02/01/2013

Don't even think about just get it and thank me later - Excellent
This is the best thing I have bought for years, only $20! I can not believe it was not invented years ago. We have not looked for any games since using the Gametag. The kids just don't fight over who's game belongs to who because they are attached all the time. Positives: they are attached to each childs DS all the time and I mean all the time.
Feedback left by one frustrated mum
via Product Review 12/12/2012

Great idea. My son has been using it all year and loves it
Julie R
via our website 14/12/2012

Today while out with Gametag today at the Fishers Ghost Festival I was explaining to a lady how Gametag works when she said, "I know all about it, I was in EB games last week picking out a game for my son when the lady next to me said you have to get a Gametag this woman gave Gametag such a wrap up, it was totally random I didn't even know her"
Unknown customer
Fishers Ghost Festival 11/11/2012

What a fantastic product! Only a mum could think of such a great invention.
Shorty B.
via our Facebook page 10/11/2012

Wasn't sure if I would like these or not .. but bought them for my two boys who are most likey to lose their games ... and OMG .. brilliant!! Love them!! need to buy more tags ... and the girls want them for their games too!! Thank you for a brilliant product :)
Ness Wheeler
via our Facebook page 27/10/2012

Fantastic Solution - Excellent
This is such a great product. Like all great inventions the key is simplicity! We were forever losing games and I was always picking them up all over the house. Now, they are all together and attached to the Nintendo, so there's no searching for games or tears when the favourite can't be found. 10 out of 10 from me!
via Product Review 22/10/2012

Gametag is more than worth it! Finally something worth it to save 'wars' and disputes between siblings! GAMETAG has saved us money, running around, and sanity! Thank God for the wonderful mum who came up with this fantastic, but affordable invention! All my friends want to know, "What is Gametag?" Check it out.
Via Kidspot Lina 19/09/2012

Great product! How good is Gametag! I'm forever searching for lost games, but NO MORE! Fantastic & simple creation, one of those things you see and think 'Now why didn't I think of that!" A great invention by a smart mummy!
Melinda Dunlop
Via Kidspot 19/09/2012

Seriously you need to use Gametag before you lose the games then you won't lose them it is so easy.
Unknown Author
Via answers.com
(question: How do you find lost ds games?)

Well my other daughters r yet to order these for their kids games but the eldest daughter has them for her kids and say they r the bomb and u r very clever for thinking of it just thought i would tell you lol cheers
Via our Website 5/08/12

Sometime ago I was lucky enough to win a GAMETAG, I gave it to a young friend of mine & this is his review: I love the GAMETAG, I get to spend more time playing my games, cause I don't have to look for hours to find my games. My Mum likes it too, cause she doesn't have to look for them either! Jed S 9yrs. So you have made one family very happy THANKS GAMETAG!
Via Facebook Michelle 5/08/12

My son got a Gametag 2 years ago at the Easter Show and is still using it - it's fantastic
Kerrie Sumners
via Facebook 16/06/12

Very practical well, made and presented product, good luck Janene!
Brian Okeefe
via Facebook 29/04/12

This should have been invented years ago!!!! Since attaching gametag have not lost a single game.
Easy to use and having extra tags is very useful.
Expensive games being lost forever is a thing of the past. If you have or buy a nintendo ds, this is a must!!!!
Kerry Santillo
via Facebook 28/04/12

The best thing since sliced bread !!! was so tired of my son losing his games, as the expense was ridiculous! This prevents it and its made me one happy mother
via YouTube channel 30/04/12

This product is the best invention.
It gives me peice of mind to know that all the expensive games I bought for my son is not going to go missing and best of all it stops him from constantly asking me where his games are.
Great product.
Weez Mcdermid
via Facebook 27/04/12

Met this amazing Mum this afternoon who is spending all her money to patent, doesn't have loads of dollars for advertising so I'm doing my bit for small business, you go girl
Caryn Barling
via Facebook 21/04/12

Excellent idea. Finally a sensible way of keeping all the games neat and tidy, as well as on hand at any given time. The best investment I made for my kids DS's. Now they can swap each others games and still not loose them. It's a simple idea that is very practical. For the cost of 1/4 of new game I bought a gametag and now I don't waste money on re-buying the games which I find 6 months later under the seat. I highly recommend the product to any parent that is sick of replacing their kids
via our YouTube channel 23/04/12

I got my game tag from you try you rate it. it is a real clever idea and a must have for any parent who has a Nintendo ds in there house. it is also handy for when your kids want to take their ds to a friends house or school . I love it
Elisha Kenyon
via Facebook 21/04/12

Our Daughter now has Gametag and she thinks its Awesome, she no longer needs to cart so much stuff around with her just to use her dsi and it now goes every where with her complete with all games attached and the part we luv is there is no more searching every where for lost games, Fantastic Gametag!
John N Karina Rowe
via Facebook 18/04/12

Received my Gametag in the mail today from the Lifestyle You Website's You Try It, You Rate It. Great package, got more than I thought and the extra tags have already come in handy. Everything is attached and so far it is smooth sailing, shouldn't be losing any games now! Such a great idea.
Rebecca McCrae
via Facebook 20/4/12

What a fantastic product you have created... Certainly pays for itself if it saves even just one game getting lost! Brilliant!! We had someone show us one today that was purchased at EB Games?.... We were all very impressed at such a simple product that solves a common problem!
Phone Covers AU
via Facebook 15/04/12

Little Taz from Dial a DJ Demon Loves his GAME TAG & it looks so awesome!!!!!.. Best idea EVER!!...LOVE IT!!!.....keep rocken & always smiling!!.
Dial a DJ Demon
Via Facebook 14/4/12

You are a genius, bought one of these at the Family Show. Just set it up ready for our holiday and it is brilliant. Do you have a picture of how you attached the stylus to the curling ribbon? Thank you!!!!
Suzie Spencer
via Facebook 13/4/12

It is awsome i got one.
Adrian Truong

I was super thrilled to finally get these and to meet the lady behind the idea, brilliantly clever and affordable product. I have shared your link on my wall
Linda Baldock
via Facebook 28/3/12

Thanks so much for the gametags, theyre brilliant! Thanks also for the new security tags, I've connected them to the DS unit, written our name & number on them & now I never have to worry about losing the console again :)
Mandy Barrett
via Facebook 6/3/12

This is awesome, I bought 1 for my daughter who got a ds for Christmas, and within a few days i was sick of "mum have you seen my ds game?" this has been a gamesaver. Now to go and stock up on the refills!!
Helen Cooper
via facebook 15/2/12

It was so great to meet you at the Muswellbrook Show, your product is amazing and so are you.....
Gail Narvo
via facebook 27/3/12

I just cut 1 of my gametag tags down and it fits the new ps vita- not smoothly but it still works well and is better than losing a game.
via our YouTube channel 27/2/12

Awesome idea!!! Super fast postage too! Thanks :)
feedback via our Ebay store 23/2/12

Best idea I've seen in years!- Excellent
Pros: Simple and affordable
Just bought one of these from the Eumundi Markets for our 5 YO son, since we got it I have not heard ' Dad, I can't find my XXXXX game!" Awesome, simple but so effective! Everyone that has a DS in the house needs this.
Gametag is recommended by Brinesy
via Product Review.com.au 14/2/12

Why did I not find Gametag earlier? Missing games have been driving me crazy for the past couple of years. Since we have been using Gametag this past week, peace has been restored. No more hunting for missing games. I particularly like the wrist strap, so the DS is not going to be dropped. Thanks for the chance to be in the Mumsay Trial. Will be recommending this product to friends.
Iona Broadley
via Facebook 4/01/12

I was in the mums say Trial for this fantastic product.... the only thing greater than gametag would be if it magically found all the games lost before getting the product...Its a real winner & a top Aussie invention
Sarah Williams
via Facebook 23/12/11

This is awesome, so simple... But so effective!
Brett Brines

I got one of your gametags for my granddaughter and my daughter said it was the best present ever such a simple product but saved her lots of headaches as my granddaughter never loses her games.....a big thankyou
Maree Collingwood
via Facebook 13/01/12

good on you mum, great idea! i'm glad i'm not the only one who was losing my mind...
Samatha Drennan

a fantastic idea, seller is a pleasure to deal with...good luck with Gametag A+
feedback via our Ebay store 10/1/12

I love the gametag no more lost games or finding lost games. We seen it in the jetstar magazine, I got 1 for each of my boys and I have just ordered one for my neice and nephew for Christmas
Lisa Kelly
via Facebook 17/12/11

This product is absolutely amazing. Will def be ordering more as we have more than one DS in the house! On their Facebook page, there are also tips for preventing the loss of the stylus as well!! it is one of the better buys for 2011!
via our YouTube channel 12/11/11

I seen your ad in the Jetstar magazine back in August on our way home from a trip. We wished we knew about them before our trip would have saved a lot of time looking for games only to find them in the bottom of the bed or on the floor. A month or so after I found 3 tags in Ebgames and purchased them for my 3 boys I LOVE them. These two are for my brothers kids I know they will love them as much as I do I guess it a bit of a double gift, one the parent will love too.

Terriffic! You will save me hundreds of dollars! I am off to order 2 now for my kids.
via our YouTube channel 12/11/11

Gametag has changed my life! I have 4 kids, all of which have a ds and all of which are constantly loosing their games! I feel like I am looking for their missing games every day, every week and it has been driving me nuts!!! You can imagine how happy and relieved I am to have found this wonderful product so thank you so much Gametag, you have changed my life!
via Youtube 8/12/11

Feeling very pleased about a reply from Nintendo as follows:
"Thanks for getting in contact with Nintendo regarding your query, and congratulations on your Gametag concept - we've certainly been following it's success over the past year since it's release"
Nintendo Australia
October 2011

Loving the Gametag - been using it and sorting my games!
Matt - September 2011
via Facebook

Oh my god!! you seriously saved me! lost so many games and now we don't.. Thankyou!!!
Angie - July 2011
Salisbury North
South Australia

“I saw it on the shelf at big w in Rockhampton, for years I have been after something to hold all the games together and Nintendo just don't make anything big enough to hold a couple of dozen games as they seem to accumulate over time... I have wasted so much money over the years buying different cases with never any success in keeping them all in one place kids just don't understand the value in those bloody games but your genius has solved many arguments in our household, thankyou once again and once again I wish you all the success in the world."
Janne - July 2011
Queensland, Australia

Best thing out for keeping all those annoying store cards together in one place in the handbag, thanks.
Astrid - June 2011
Sydney, Australia

The GameTag is an absolute godsend! Not only does it keep all the games in one place, my daughter is less inclined to lend her games to friends because she likes them all there at her fingertips. I also like the fact that you can add more tags to the ring if you want more than the initial amount on it.
Kathleen - April 2011

Thank you SO much for your awesome Gametag... gone are the days of hearing "Mum... I can't find my games!". An absolutely wonderful product, and I have told all my friends about it!
Debbie - January 2011
New Zealand

“Fantastic Idea Thanks”.
Sue - January 2011
Blaxland NSW

Once again thank you so much for this great product. Well done!
Kym - January 2011
Forbes, NSW

Absolutely brilliant idea - even better that it is an Aussie idea/product. Congratulations :)
Kathryn - December 2010
Warnbo, Western Australia

I bought one of your Gametag's at Fairfield markets and think its absolutely awesome. We have had no more lost games which is fantastic. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Sharron - December 2010

It's hard to lose your games when you put your games on the Gametag.
Alex - October 2010
via Facebook

all please check www.gametag.com.au you'll love it. This is a fantastic invention that will help all the lovers of Nintendo DS games. You will never lose a game ever again. Please do check it out!!!!http://www.gametag.com.au/
Sandra - October 2010
Sydney Australia

i think ur creation is very creative
Monique - October 2010
Sydney Australia

It is a fantastic device and it means no more lost games
Travis - October 2010
via Facebook

Both my kids have one, best invention!..... Couldn't live without it!!!!
Susan - October 2010
via Facebook

It has changed my life
Jacquie - October 2010
Sydney Australia

Fantastic, best thing ever, no lost games and the kids are happy having all their games there to play without having to go looking for them.
Helen - September 2010
Alfords Point
Sydney Australia

What a great idea . All my kids have them no more blaming others for lost games. Great for traveling always on hand and not under the seats.
Sue - September 2010
Sydney Australia

This is fantastic, no more lost games.
Kim - September 2010
via Facebook

This is a fantastic device for your DS, all your games stay together, no more lost games.
Megan - September 2010
via Facebook

its so easy to use and its really handy
Machaela - September 2010
via Facebook

I am the first customer of Gametag and find it fabulous. No more lost games. Everybody should have one as the cost of the Gametag far outweighs the cost of replacing the games.
Leasa - August 2010
Wattle Grove
Sydney Australia

Danielle, Greendale VIC Great concept. Nice to not have games spread all through the house. My three year old struggled with it a little but it does say on the box that it is for 5+

Jean37, Repton NSW 10/10 my child loved this game holder, everything is kept safe and all in the one place thank you for a great product

Daniel219, Derwent Park TAS This is an ingenious way for my kids to keep all of their games together, and attached to their consoles. As they live between two house, they were constantly leaving games behind and not having them to use in their other house. Now they can keep it all together and its one less thing that we all have to worry about.

Kate699, Pakenham VIC I love this product! It was getting very disheartening losing games around the house, now with the Game Tag, that doesn't happen! Have already recommended this great Australian invention to my friends!

Kellie97, Kelso NSW What a clever, simple product that saves you so much money! Never lose your little DS game cartridges again! Very happy with this product and I have been recommending this Gametag device to my friends to save the stress of looking for lost DS games. It keeps them together in a safe, never to be lost place again!! Thank you!

Trudi, Hervey Bay QLD Found this really handy! Saved us all a lot of time looking for games. Really great having all the games together, quick and easy! Fantastic idea!!

Jacquie, Seaford Meadows SA I have to admit, I was very sceptical when I first opened the packaging, thinking that there was no way the games were going to stay on to the little sticky tabs. But I have been pleasantly surprised, so much so that I have gone out and purchased another Gametag for my other daughter. What a brilliant invention! When we are going out the kids can just grab the DS and everything is there, no more searching everywhere looking for games (which are never put back in the cases)and we will never lose a game again. The kids love that all the games are together attached to the DS, so when they have finished playing with one game, they just pull it out and grab the next one. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a DS.

Lauren483, Sydney, Oatlands NSW It’s a fantastic idea. It's great how it is so compact and portable. You can take it anywhere without forgetting any of the games. And the best part about it is that you don't have to hear screaming kids every five minutes going " where’s my game I can't find it". Now there is no excuse.

Leea, Emerald QLD This is a fantastic item keeps all my games together and I don’t have to worry about losing them as they are all together connected to my ds. My nephew who is 6 sore it and has his eye on it so i let him use it and now I cannot get it back so i now know what i will be getting him and his brother for there birthday this year thanks so much highly recommend this item it is GREAT!

Louisemcd, Emu Heights NSW This product is the best invention. It gives me piece of mind to know that all the expensive games I bought for my son is not going to go missing and best of all it stops him from constantly asking me where his games are. Great product.

Sharee5, West Pennant Hills NSW What a great product! Such a simple yet very effective way of keeping track of all the games and never leaving them behind. The search for lost games is now over! I love the fact that it was invented by a mother, right here in Australia. Yay!

Kerry, Salisbury Heights SA This should have been invented years ago!!!! Since attaching Gametag have not lost a single game. Easy to use and having extra tags is very useful. Expensive games being lost forever is a thing of the past. If you have or buy a Nintendo ds, this is a must.

Reena68, Concongella VIC Terrific Idea, all DS households should have one, I wish we had one 6 months ago instead of using one of those containers that holds all the games the kids weren't using because the container got lost or stolen with all games in it, All but the one in the DS, with Gametag we would still have all those games.

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA it is a real clever idea and a must have for any parent who has a Nintendo ds in there house. it is also handy for when your kids want to take their ds to a friends house or school . i love it

Caseyplum, Mirriwinni QLD Great concept. The games are all attached to the console, so I haven't had to search high and low when the kids want to play a game!! Extra game tags are also really easy to attach to the Gametag device.

Ivana8, Cooranbong NSW very handy for kids who keep losing games keeps them organised